Our work with Hedge Casebook

Funded startup providing a blockchain platform for traditional finance companies.
Hedge needed a secure and useable infrastructure without distracting their small team from developing the core product.
We implemented a highly secure Vault deployment on multiple AWS accounts, managed by Terraform.
A secure platform on which they can build a product their customers can trust.

Headquartered in the Financial District of San Francisco, the Hedge platform allows traditional financial companies to offer digital currencies within the current regulatory framework.

The Hedge solution lets any broker dealer, advisor or any other platform provide Digital Currency investment opportunity to their millions of wealth management clients.

They've built the infrastructure that the regulated investment community utilizes to access digital currencies. Their API service provides wallet management, custody, and market making.

"We needed to stay absolutely focused on delivering customer value as quickly as possible. We needed a partner we could trust, who could come on board quickly, with minimal hand holding, and just get the job done. SuperOrbital was absolutely perfect."


Co-founded by four close friends in 2016, the team faces the same challenges as technical startups throughout the world: how to ship a compelling software product without being distracted by the necessary groundwork of configuring and securing the underlying infrastructure.

The Hedge team is composed of experienced blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and FinTech executives. Spending their time learning how to configure and secure the various AWS and Hashicorp products would be a strategic mistake that would put the entire venture at risk.

Hedge came to us with a simple request: Build them a foundation they can manage, and that their customers can trust.

It's crucial to understand a problem deeply before jumping into execution. We spent the beginning of the engagement embedded with the Hedge team, discussing their product, customers, security concerns and personal skillsets.

Three things immediately stood out: They were deeply knowledgeable about crypto tech and blockchain; They had an amazing product that large financial institutions were ready to buy; and because of their customer base and market, their security needs were far beyond a normal startup. They needed to operate like a bank, but on a startup budget.


We outlined a plan for deploying a minimal framework that will grow with them. We focused on the basic building blocks of Vault, the application servers, and a bastion station. We discussed a plan for configuring monitoring and logging, and encrypting all internal traffic.

We then implemented all of the above and more:

"We've seen other companies make the mistake of using AWS like the traditional infrastructure they're already used to.

SuperOrbital steered us toward cloud-native techniques that made AWS simple, easy to maintain, resilient to failure, and incredibly secure."

Daniel Hoffmann, Co-founder


We finished our infrastructure work just as the rest of the team was ready to deploy the core application.

We closed out by documenting the implementation, design decisions, usage and future improvements for all of the work we'd done. We then scheduled a hand-off call with the team to walk them through the system, and worked with them in the following weeks to answer any questions they had while they explored the infrastructure.

The end result was a maintainable platform that their customers could trust, and that would grow with them as they added features and grew their product.

"I've never worked with a partner that was as dedicated to our success as SuperOrbital. At every step of the way they took great care to make sure we were moving in the right direction and that their solutions matched our needs. They documented the system so thoroughly that the hand-off was effortless."

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