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SuperOrbital Connected Advisory

SuperOrbital accelerates your Cloud Native journey

You work with Kubernetes every day. You have production systems dependent on your ability to operate, manage, and deliver platform capabilities to Kubernetes. But your team is stretched thin and you’d love to have someone in your corner as you face the complexity of the CNCF landscape.

Backed by an impressive record of supporting clients' most vital Kubernetes-based products, our deeply experienced team will educate, empower, and guide your team to success. We pride ourselves on placing our clients’ goals as our priority, becoming deeply knowledgeable about your challenges and technology choices. We’re a small, nimble team of experts that feels and operates like an extension of your own.

Technologies and core competencies
  • GKE, EKS, AKS, OpenShift, bare metal K8s
  • Cilium, Istio, Linkerd
  • ArgoCD, Flux, Tekton
  • Golang, Python, Rust
  • Ongoing cadence with engineering lead
  • Connected Slack channel
  • Proof-of-concept execution and evaluation

SuperOrbital can help your team avoid the muck and scale with confidence.

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"SuperOrbital has been instrumental in getting us to this point ... The results have been worth many multiples of the fees we’ve paid."

Brad Murray, Co-Founder and CTO

Your dial-a-friend lifeline

  • Hands-on support and training for your Kubernetes challenges
  • Advise on industry best practices and latest trends
  • Feedback on initiatives and platform roadmaps
  • Advice you can trust based on your unique context

The Three Pillars

  • Strategic Consulting: Regular monthly or bi-weekly meetings designed to support platform engineers, developers and product owners.
  • Ad-hoc Support: A shared Slack channel for your team to ask us ad-hoc technical questions.
  • Directed Investigations: Availability to have our engineers take on POC side projects and investigations.

Outcomes of Advisory

  • Provide strategic guidance and tackle challenging problems that crop up in your Kubernetes environment
  • Design simple solutions to address your platform goals
  • Train your team and build confidence in their ability to own the platform

of our clients return with new projects

Why SuperOrbital

We employ CNCF contributors who’ve used Kubernetes at scale in anger. Our engineers have published books, hold patents, contributed to major Kubernetes OSS projects, and delivered massive public cloud offerings.

Your team will learn and grow through monthly conversations with our leadership team, who have 20+ years of experience building successful platforms and bespoke solutions best suited for our clients.

"As soon as we brought SuperOrbital on board, they accelerated our development by a factor of ten. In just two days, they came up with a novel solution for something we were literally struggling with for months."