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SuperOrbital Engineering Services

Deliver with confidence in the Cloud Native landscape

There’s nothing more expensive than building the wrong solution.

SuperOrbital’s engineering leaders are experts in digging through existing systems, extracting valuable information from stakeholders, synthesizing north-star goals, and formulating an actionable engineering plan to achieve them. Our team will deliver a final presentation to a broad audience to align implementation efforts.

Technologies and core competencies
  • GKE, EKS, AKS, OpenShift, bare metal K8s
  • Cilium, Istio, Linkerd
  • ArgoCD, Flux, Tekton
  • Golang, Python, Rust
  • Software engineering
  • Cloud native infrastructure engineering
  • Technical training and team development

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"As soon as we brought SuperOrbital on board, they accelerated our development by a factor of ten. In just two days, they came up with a novel solution for something we were literally struggling with for months."

Mike Ball, CEO Beyond Aerospace

Battle Hardened Solutions

We understand that solutions span organizations, and we respect the importance of context. Our first priority is aligning with your goals, so that we can apply our extensive expertise to build simple solutions that stand the test of time for your unique needs. We embed directly within your organization and partner with you to execute critical, high-risk, high-profile projects with confidence.

of our clients have renewed or extended their engagement

Why SuperOrbital

We hire the best talent in the industry. Our engineers have published books, contributed to large open-source projects, delivered solutions for major public cloud providers, led engineering teams, and more. We are committed to vendor neutrality and work with a vast range of clients spanning large enterprises, startups, and federal agencies. Our deep Kubernetes expertise and ability to embed seamlessly with your team is why our clients consistently extend and renew their engagements with us.

"We’re moving forward right away with the two headline items from your proposal. This will massively reduce the cognitive workload and manual orchestration work for our teams."

- VP Engineering, Health Care Client