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Beyond Cloud Native.

We're a team of exceptional distributed systems engineers focused on helping your team build modern Kubernetes expertise and deliver successfully on ambitious projects. We partner with you to provide the judgment and experience you need to execute with confidence on critical, high-risk, high-profile assignments.

Our customers include large institutions (Bloomberg, Shopify, Discover,, EBSCO), startups (Bastille Networks, Buildkite, Hedge, BitGo, m10), and federal agencies (18F, GSA,

Kubernetes Workshops

Immersive, hands-on, and fully remote

Don't waste your time and money on monotonous, canned training delivered by freshmen hires. SuperOrbital delivers outstanding results each and every time.

We don't believe in static, podium-based training. SuperOrbital immerses your team in an active learning environment so they internalize lessons through hands-on work and collaboration. The result is knowledge that sticks and a foundation for true expertise.

We provide a four-course curriculum (over 64 hours) that covers everything your team needs to go from zero to Kubernetes expert. We tailor each workshop to your team’s existing abilities, situation, and needs.

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Tammer Saleh
Founder, SuperOrbital

Tammer Saleh

Kubernetes is ridiculously complicated, Docker is full of strange edge cases, and the entire landscape of cloud tools is constantly changing.

I founded SuperOrbital to help you navigate it all, finding secure solutions that work reliably on day one and evolve with your business.

We'll teach your team everything they need to know to be truly effective. And we'll roll up our sleeves and dive in on projects where you need extra muscle. Our seasoned Kubernetes engineers can help your team be more efficient, effective, and nimble.

We can help you succeed.

Let's get started.