SuperOrbital Engineering

Don’t let your next project be a $10m failure.

We're a small team of exceptional engineers focused on helping deliver ambitious projects. We tackle the distributed systems problems that no other team can handle.

We provide the judgment and expertise you need to execute with confidence on critical, high-risk, high-profile assignments.

We’re proud to be small.

Being small lets us hire the best talent in the industry. Our engineers have published books, contributed to large open-source projects, delivered solutions for major public cloud providers, led engineering teams, and more.

Our engineers love applying simple and elegant solutions to complex problems and have the judgment required to lead critical, high-risk, high-profile assignments with confidence.

"SuperOrbital accelerated our development by a factor of ten. In just two days, they came up with a novel solution for something we were literally struggling with for months."

Mike Ball, CEO Beyond Aerospace

Being small allows us to focus on delighting our customers. Our projects are usually three to nine months - we deliver outstanding value so that our customers will want to come back for more. And it’s a philosophy that pays off:

83% of our projects come from repeat customers.

Being small gives us flexibility. We’re just as comfortable embedding in an existing team as we are delivering tightly scoped independent projects. We’re just as happy delving into deep infrastructure work as we are defining end-user-facing solutions.

"When we show customers what we have now, universally, their eyes light up because it’s exactly what they wanted."

Mike Morgan, Solutions Architect, Buildkite

Our customers include large institutions such as Bloomberg, Shopify, Fastly, Discover,, and EBSCO, startups like Bastille Networks, Buildkite, Hedge, BitGo and m10, and federal agencies such as 18F, GSA and

Even as the options for cloud-native tools improve, it still feels like assembling IKEA furniture. So SuperOrbital made a lot of sense. They could sort out the mix of open source software and hosted tools that were the best fit for our needs.

Christian Sepulveda VP Engineering, Bastille Networks

We charge $2,640/day and work on engagements four days a week.

We're happy to incentivize pricing for non-profits, OSS projects, seed-funded startups, and companies founded by BIPOC, womxn, and non-binary leaders.

"SuperOrbital was incredible. They really put in the extra effort to ensure our infrastructure was simple, stable, secure and maintainable. We couldn't be happier!"

Chris Metcalfe, Co-founder, Hedge, acquired by BitGo

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Check out what our customers have to say about us on our testimonials page, listen to our founder go on about the state of the Kubernetes ecosystem on a recent Ship It! Podcast episode, or reach out to schedule a free discovery conversation.

"SuperOrbital really stood out. They quickly understood the problems we faced, and they had deep business and technological expertise and a partnership-based approach"