Work with DevOps masters

Nothing destroys morale like friction.

Friction in running tests. Friction deploying code. Friction monitoring applications. Friction fighting fires. Removing friction results in successful teams, happy engineers, and greater retention.

Our team of seasoned DevOps experts embed within your SRE team, helping them build a developer experience that will delight your engineers. We provide you with the infrastructure that you need so your teams can focus on winning.

"SuperOrbital was incredible. They really put in the extra effort to ensure our infrastructure was simple, stable, secure and maintainable. We couldn't be happier!"

Chris Metcalfe, Co-founder, Hedge

How We Work

We’re a small, 100% remote company focused on helping our clients with Kubernetes and DevOps practices.

We’re partners, not contractors. We teach by doing. We sit with your team, work the way you work and use the tools you use. We communicate constantly and document with zeal. We believe that simple tools used consistently will always win over using the latest and greatest.

We believe teaching someone to fish vs giving them a fish is a false dichotomy.

Even as the options for DevOps-related tools improve, it still feels like assembling IKEA furniture. So SuperOrbital made a lot of sense. They could sort out the mix of open source software and hosted tools that were the best fit for our needs and assemble our build, metrics and monitoring systems.

Christian Sepulveda VP Engineering, Bastille Networks

Our Solutions

We’re seasoned experts in tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Packer and Vault and the cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP, but we’re not beholden to any technology or vendor. We’ll always steer you toward the simplest solutions that will work for your team now and in the future. We favor combining tried and true off the shelf products, but when bespoke code is called for, we’re more than comfortable reaching for Python, Go, Ruby or (gasp) Bash to get the job done.

"We've seen other companies make the mistake of using AWS like the traditional infrastructure they're already used to.

SuperOrbital steered us toward cloud-native techniques that made AWS simple, easy to maintain, resilient to failure, and incredibly secure."

Daniel Hoffmann, Co-founder, Hedge

Know you need help, but too overwhelmed to think?

Here are some examples of projects we can rock for your team:

Adopting Docker, Kubernetes or a new cloud provider.

Migrations are arduous, time-consuming and ultimately distracting. Let us take the lead and guide you around all of the bumps and pitfalls that we've already had to fall for. We know all of the ins and outs of building efficient Dockerfiles, managing production-grade Kubernetes clusters, and automating secure environments in AWS, GCP and Azure.

Migrating to an “Infrastructure as Code” pipeline.

…or “gitops” as the kids are calling it these days. The old days of point-and-click operations are long gone. If your team isn't deploying infrastructure through a structured pipeline, then you’re losing out on the promise of repeatability, accountability and security that modern IaC and immutable infrastructure provide.

Packaging your hosted service as an on-premise virtual appliance.

Nothing is scarier than that first enterprise sales call where they explain that they’re not allowed to send their data into the big bad Internet. We can work with you to migrate your product to a virtual appliance to suit their needs in a way that’s sustainable and improves your operations in all directions.

Operational visibility through metrics, monitoring, alerting and logging.

If your team is constantly fighting fires and you lay awake wondering what’s going to break tomorrow, then you have an observability problem. Giving you the visibility you need isn't as simple as signing up for Datadog (though that’s a great service). It also requires a plan for instrumenting your code and business metrics as well. We’re true DevOps - we’re just as comfortable writing Python as we are tweaking the kernel.

Still don't know where to start?

We're amazing at talking with your team and identifying the issues that're holding them back. Reach out for a free consultation.

The time was right for ProSight to bring our products in-house, but my team needed direction on how to hire and run an agile engineering team. SuperOrbital was just what we needed.

Darryl Siry President, ProSight Direct

Help Us Help You

Still not convinced? Read about some of our past successes. Once you’re ready, email us to set up a time to discuss your project. Even if we’re not a perfect fit, we’re happy to talk about your situation and guide you toward the right solution.