Announcing two new workshops!

Our new Istio and Containers Demystified workshops are live!

Published on March 11, 2021


We are super excited to announce that we have two entirely new workshops available right this very minute: Istio and Containers Demystified!

Our new Istio workshop goes into great detail in how are you make use of this incredibly powerful (and immensely complicated) technology. It’s delivered over three mornings or afternoons, and in it we cover the foundations, traffic management, reliability, observability, and security. We then go under the hood to see how Istio really works and cap it off with a primer on its main competition, Linkerd.


We’ve also just released Containers Demystified! This five afternoon workshop expands upon our Docker course and goes under the hood to give you experience implementing all of that container magic at the Linux level. In this workshop we dive into namespaces & cgroups, Linux processes and users, networking, the spooky filesystems, security beyond the root user, and the future of Docker.

As part of releasing these two new workshops, we are also re-organizing our entire curriculum to be more accessible and easier to understand. With these two new workshops in place, our full course outline is:

As always, our workshops are only half the story. The majority of our work is Kubernetes Engineering, focused on helping our customers by embedding K8s subject matter experts into their teams and helping them tackle the most difficult problems the cloud-native landscape can throw at us. (such as deploying AWS Nitro Secure Enclaves from inside a Pod!)

Get in touch if you would like to have us deliver any of these amazing courses for your team, or to join the waitlist for public workshops.